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The Agri cluster, the group’s original market, is based on a unique concept: a “global solution”.

With its 3 trades :

• nutritional Complements,
• water Treatment,
• Hygiene.

The agri cluster is the only French company able to overcome problems in livestock farming in each of these 3 fields. Being able to supplying products, equipment and services.


The housing cluster is the end result of the gradual diversification of the group’s original activities.

Specialised in the thermal renovation of buildings, the housing cluster provides expertise on 3 sources of energy loss:
• Roofs and attics,
• Outer walls
• Door frames (openings).

Because energy efficiency is at the very heart of modern-day concerns, CONFORTO provides its customers with a range of different solutions.


The Agri cluster

Through its signature brands: CTH and CHAUVEAU NUTRITION, the group provides its customers with solutions that are able to meet most of their needs and expectations.

More than 170 technicians-salesmen roam the countryside, meeting with farmers throughout France. This direct approach strengthens our ability to listen to our customers and evolve with them, as well as provides us with quick on-site response times throughout the year.

Boasting more than thirty years’ experience in our trade and reinforced through in-house training modules, our technicians-salesmen have developed skills that enable them to provide effective solutions relevant to the field.

That specific skills is summarized in the word of “Nutr’hygienist”, an alliance between nutrition and hygiene that represents our comprehensive approach to livestock farming. Our motto is based on optimising livestock farming performance with a diagnostics approach revolving around 3 pillars:

C : Nutritional Complements to cover specific nutritional requirements. And as Socrates once quoted, we view food as the number one source of medicine.
T : Water treatment with regard to its sanitary, bacteriological and physiological quality. Quantitatively: the most important food for all living beings.
H : Hygiene in its broadest sense; housings, grounds and animals, to guarantee farming conditions lowering any possible sanitation risks.


R & D

In a market undergoing mutation, we must predict the needs of tomorrow.
Nurtured by the constant current of innovation, the group quite naturally acquired means to fit its ambitions.

Disposing of its own research and development skills within the SOLUTIO lab team,(including s an internal microbiological equipement) , we develop and validate our own formulations.

Located in the heart of so-called French chemistry valley (southern Lyon), and also in French leading department for ORGANIC farming we take benefit from an easy access to synthetic chemicals as well as natural resources (essential oils, plant extracts), which allows us to formulate products that stand different from others. The proximity of the national ecotoxicology centre is also an asset to our research, providing us with access to a centre of expertise that is unique in France.

With regard to nutritional supplements, our development approach consists in bringing together the expertise of our nutritional engineers with our galenic experts to develop additive formulations privileging automated distribution via drinking water. Four chemical engineers and two agricultural engineers dedicate their time to ensuring the supply of high-quality, innovative products to our customers at the very forefront in terms of compliance with regulatory requirements.



Although CTH group’s ambition is clear in France, it is no less substantial abroad. Boasting know-how and in-field experience, the group is looking to develop its “global solution” concept through exports, while adapting to suit the specific features of each market.

Already present via its own subsidiaries in Morocco, Switzerland and Turkey, as well as in 15 other countries through local partners, as is the case in Spain, Romania, Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan and Russia… The group is aiming at conquering new markets in the years to come in order to become a key figure on the world market.

The autonomy and flexibility provided by our production tools are two major assets in structuring our international growth.


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Job offers

Our employees are particularly dedicated to the company and its key values: proximity, dynamism, humility and job atmosphere. Staff needs are a permanent aspect for a group of our size.

If you are curious in nature and know how to adapt to varying circumstances, if you like and have knowledge on the rural environment, if your extra-professional activities are a sign of your dynamism and reflect your ease when meeting new people, our in-house training schemes will help you evolve and achieve your objectives within our structure.

Join us so that we can cultivate your future projects together!

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